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US-1690637-A: Separable fastener patent, US-1690672-A: Moisture-indicating instrument for wood patent, US-1690928-A: Cotton chopper patent, US-1691254-A: Bottle-carrying device patent, US-1691256-A: Switching mechanism patent, US-1691306-A: Package patent, US-1691784-A: Retaining-valve holder patent, US-1692109-A: Drawbar patent, US-1692295-A: Automatic fastening device patent, US-1692409-A: Oscillating motor patent, US-1692475-A: Loom-shuttle motion patent, US-1692723-A: Automatic toy crane patent, US-169294-A: Improvement in the manufacture of artificial marble patent, US-1693132-A: Method for use in the manufacture of shoes patent, US-1694089-A: Register dust cover patent, US-1694109-A: Pole-protecting device patent, US-1694436-A: Cooling and dispensing machine patent, US-169461-A: Improvement in end-gates patent, US-1695514-A: Centrifugal pipe-casting machine and mold patent, US-1696932-A: Curling iron patent, US-1696976-A: Typewriting machine patent, US-1697175-A: Hot plate patent, US-1697307-A: Sand guard for tractor wheels patent, US-1697854-A: Multicylinder pump patent, US-1698757-A: Internal-combustion motor patent, US-1699091-A: Key-welding apparatus patent, US-169928-A: Improvement in horse hay-rakes patent, US-1701116-A: Airship patent, US-1701629-A: Preformed expansion joint patent, US-170170-A: Improvement in conductors punches, alarms, and registering implements patent, US-1702100-A: Shoe and method of making the same patent, US-1702254-A: Arrangement for the manufacture of ozone patent, US-1702816-A: Rotary valve for internal-combustion engines patent, US-1702920-A: Expansion shield patent, US-1703212-A: Antifriction metal patent, US-1703967-A: Aeration apparatus and method patent, US-1704727-A: Composition for therapeutic uses patent, US-1704901-A: Elevator door patent, US-1705337-A: Nut lock patent, US-1706010-A: Electric furnace patent, US-1706203-A: Mixing conveyer patent, US-1706850-A: Humidity-responsive circuit-closing device patent, US-170685-A: Improvement in packing x b boxes for fruit and eggs patent, US-1708361-A: Control means patent, US-1708770-A: Window screen patent, US-1708855-A: Bedstead covering patent, US-170931-A: Improvement in horseshoe-machines patent, US-171027-A: Improvement in swing-joints for knobs and handles patent, US-1710308-A: Abrading tool patent, US-1710740-A: Hitch or clevis for dragline buckets patent, US-1711922-A: Display stand patent, US-171329-A: Improvement in portable fences patent, US-1714153-A: Journal box patent, US-1714825-A: Oil-water and air separator patent, US-1714962-A: Means for regulating secondary current and voltage in transformers patent, US-1715028-A: Stabilizer patent, US-1715777-A: Lock washer patent, US-1716321-A: Lens patent, US-1716698-A: Hydrostatic weir shutter patent, US-1717117-A: Textile fabric patent, US-171764-A: Improvement in game-counters patent, US-1717727-A: Fishplate patent, US-1718404-A: Memorandum apparatus patent, US-1719457-A: Weighing apparatus patent, US-172000-A: Improvement in gas-regulators for burners patent, US-1720062-A: Manufacturing press masses from phenolformaldehyde resins patent, US-1720417-A: Pencil patent, US-1720704-A: Hopper or pit patent, US-1720824-A: Radiodetector patent, US-1721771-A: Tire valve patent, US-1722640-A: Electric lamp patent, US-1723190-A: Art of sand washing patent, US-1723307-A: Coupling strip patent, US-1723444-A: Method of producing metals patent, US-1723500-A: Wall and ceiling board splice patent, US-172374-A: Improvement in guano-distributers patent, US-1724408-A: File receptacle patent, US-1724586-A: Elevator construction patent, US-1724862-A: Making-up or ticketing of piece goods patent, US-1725196-A: Extinguisher for cigarettes and cigars patent, US-1725336-A: Fuel propelling and mixing device patent, US-1725649-A: Ink composition and process of manufacturing the same patent, US-1725935-A: Mattress or cushion patent, US-1726304-A: Process of finishing candles and its product patent, US-1726889-A: Leg former for boots for hunters and motor cyclists patent, US-1727562-A: Box-covering machine patent, US-1728880-A: Apparatus for producing or recording electrical impulses patent, US-1729220-A: Speed transformer patent, US-1729496-A: Process of making briquettes or nonmolded lumps of comminuted minerals for metallurgical purposes and the product of said process patent, US-1729563-A: Loose-leaf binder patent, US-1729836-A: Torsion balance patent, US-173001-A: Improvement in thill-couplings patent, US-1730618-A: Adjustable shore patent, US-173105-A: Improvement in compositions for preserving milk patent, US-1731330-A: Ohtabio patent, US-1731403-A: Measuring machine patent, US-1731444-A: Typewriting machine patent, US-1731503-A: Card-feeding attachment for jacquard weaving machines patent, US-1731584-A: Dough-kneading machine patent, US-173252-A: Improvement in tighteners for elevator-belts patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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